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Why should we visit SPA

Among working days, chaos, and active movements, we need a corner of silence and tranquility, a corner of paradise, purify ourselves spiritually and improve externally. at such moments comes to mind to visit SPA. So what is this and what is the point?

SPA is a method of physiotherapy associated with water. For a designation often used such concepts as hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, thalassotherapy. The term SPA is an abbreviation from the Latin “Sanitas per aqua”, and is literally translated “health through water”. SPA – a set of procedures that solve health problems, improve the appearance and restore the harmony of the soul and body. The certain combination of water, through ablution, contrast straits and temperature regime, together with medicinal cosmetics, herbs, oils, that powerful inflow of energy, which is so necessary for every person at any age. SPA procedures promote the speedy recovery of the exhausted organism, improve well-being, metabolism and circulation, remove toxins and slags. As the modernized “canon of medical science” says: “If you exercise physically, exercise, eat healthy food and go to SPA, there is no need for medication, as you will be full of strength, healthy emotionally, young and beautiful!”