Location 03169, Kiev, Lane Moskovsky, 2I


Vakumenko Elena Vladimirovna

Spa specialist for body and face care. Work experience: more than 3 years

Perform the following types of massage:

  1. Classic,
  2. Treatment-prophylactic,
  3. Lymphatic drainage,
  4. Aromatherapy,
  5. Spa massage (relaxation),
  6. Honey massage,
  7. Japanese face massage COBIDO,
  8. Indian Head Massage,
  9. Thai reflexive foot massage,
  10. Chinese massage Zen, Shiatsu,
  11. Massage GUCHA.

Work experience in Hamam: Peeling, Scrubbing, Wrapping.


Strokach Mikhail Sergeevich

General information

  1. Specialist in face and body correction
  2. Working in hammam
  3. Specialist in Physical Rehabilitation

Briefly about myself

  1. The winner in the 1st open championship in Kiev in Sports Massage.
  2. Spa master with more than 7 years of experience in the Spa industry, I have experience in developing detox programs, reducing weight.


  1. 2008- graduated from the full course of the  Classical massage program, Acupressure, Liposage.
  2. 2011-graduated from the Zaporozhye National University
  3. 2012-passed a correction of the figure course  (lymphatic drainage massage, fitness massage, anti-cellulite massage, honey massage) Ovcharenko AA Bobkov A.S. Ukrainian SPA school
  4. 2012-passed a SPA massage course (Burmese massage, buckwheat massage, Russian spa massage) Bobkov AS Ukrainian SPA school
  5. 2014-graduated from the advanced training courses: Sports and therapeutic massage, the Ukrainian center of sports medicine.
  6. 2017-trained at the Center Kapralova, Physical Rehabilitation.


  1. Myoplastic massage of the body and the face
  2. Rituals in the hammam
  3. Wrapping
  4. Classic massage
  5. Sports massage
  6. Thai feet massage
  7. Buckwheat massage
  8. Thai aroma massage
  9. Lymphatic drainage massage
  10. Anticellulite massage
  11. Massage with honey
  12. Stone massage


Yuryeva Ekaterina Valentinovna
SPA Specialist

Spa specialist, an aesthetic (face and body), a specialist in hamam.

Possession of different massage techniques:

  1. classic,
  2. therapeutic,
  3. anti-cellulite,
  4. relaxing,
  5. sports,
  6. Hawaiian technics Lomi Lomi,,
  7. Spa massages and other


Bessonova Darya Vladimirovna


  1. classic,
  2. ayurvedic,
  3. Thai,
  4. anti-cellulite,
  5. lymphatic drainage,
  6. vacuum
  7. canned,
  8. honey,
  9. experienced in hamam.


Bereza Tatyana Yurievna
Masseur - Rehabilitologist

Instructor Lfk, Spa specialist in body care.
Work experience: 7 years.

Types of massage:

  1. Classic,
  2. Healing-prophylactic
  3. Healing,
  4. Segmental reflex,
  5. Sports,
  6. Lymphatic drainage,
  7. Anti-cellulite,
  8. Honey,
  9. Tibetan honey,
  10. Aromatherapy,
  11. Relaxing.

Forms of massage:

  1. General massage,
  2. Local massage – certain parts of the “surface of the body” (joints, abdomen, hips)

Massage methods:

  1. Hand massage,
  2. Hardware massage,
  3. Combined massage.


  1. Peeling,
  2. Scrubbing,
  3. Body wraps and glazing.
  4. Ыteaming with brooms.


Makeyeva Alesya Sergeevna

Masseur and esthete for the body. Work experience more than 5 years

Perform the following types of massage:

  1. Classical message,
  2. Anticellulite massage,
  3. Anti-stress massage,
  4. Sports massage,
  5. Massage of hands and feet,
  6. Massage of hands and feet,
  7. Stone massage,
  8. Honey massage,
  9. Acupressure,
  10. Wrapping,
  11. Peeling,
  12. Hamam work experience

Experience in Hamam: Peeling, Wrapping.