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Vakumenko Elena Vladimirovna

Spa specialist for body and face care. Work experience: more than 3 years

Perform the following types of massage:

  1. Classic,
  2. Treatment-prophylactic,
  3. Lymphatic drainage,
  4. Aromatherapy,
  5. Spa massage (relaxation),
  6. Honey massage,
  7. Japanese face massage COBIDO,
  8. Indian Head Massage,
  9. Thai reflexive foot massage,
  10. Chinese massage Zen, Shiatsu,
  11. Massage GUCHA.

Work experience in Hamam: Peeling, Scrubbing, Wrapping.


Makeyeva Alesya Sergeevna

Masseur and esthete for the body. Work experience more than 5 years

Perform the following types of massage:

  1. Classical message,
  2. Anticellulite massage,
  3. Anti-stress massage,
  4. Sports massage,
  5. Massage of hands and feet,
  6. Massage of hands and feet,
  7. Stone massage,
  8. Honey massage,
  9. Acupressure,
  10. Wrapping,
  11. Peeling,
  12. Hamam work experience

Experience in Hamam: Peeling, Wrapping.