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    Peeling Americanno

    time-icon60 min - 850 uah

    – for dry, dehydrated, sensitive and combination skin.

    – for skin with acne and age spots.

    – for mature and atonic skin.

    Two-phase acid-enzyme peeling: the first phase is a “cocktail” of acids (kojevaya, lactic, salicylic, glycolic, pyruvic), the second phase is the enzyme (papaya). Visible smoothing of skin color, elimination of fine wrinkles, decrease in the depth of larger wrinkles, lifting, prolonged moisturization of deep layers of skin, stimulation of local immunity, skin tone and elasticity improvement, smoothing of skin relief, elimination of hyperpigmentation, normalization of sebaceous gland activity and purification of pores.

    The idea of ​​creating Americano peelings was to conduct a “weekend” procedure. Visible result after the first procedure. Americanna peels are comfortable (do not give burning, thanks to glycyrrhizic acid), do not violate the quality of life of the client after the procedure: there is no redness, peeling, irritation. Thanks to the extract of cramerium, Americanino peels can be used in the summer.