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    Japanese Shiatsu massage

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    time-icon60 min - 580 uah
    time-icon90 min - 680 uah

    Shiatsu is one of the types of Japanese massage. His technique is based on the impact on the body with the fingers and hands to create a certain pressure on specific points.

    A distinctive feature of the Japanese massage is its effect on the whole body. Special methods of pressing on certain points activate the internal energy of the CI. Shiatsu is aimed at strengthening and activating the body’s forces for self-control of the disease. The bioactive points stimulated during Shiatsu do not correspond to the acupuncture points of Chinese medicine, their choice is based more on the painfulness of the reaction of the human body. Due to the effect on the points, the flow of the CI passing through the meridian is normalized.
    Shiatsu is shown both for the treatment of various diseases, and for their prevention, as well as the removal of fatigue and general recovery of the body. Massage helps with viral and catarrhal diseases, weakened immunity, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, scoliosis, osteochondrosis, headaches, stress, with excess weight, and many other diseases.

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