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    Detox Spa

    time-icon90 min - 1000 uah

    Detox and body peeling in one procedure. Massage with natural oils and fine Italian salt is a unique combination of skin peeling and lymphatic drainage effect. With soft massage movements the whole body is worked through using a mixture of oil and finely divided salt. To enhance the detox effect, the body is wrapped in a special polyethylene sheet. Sea salt has the ability to draw excess accumulated water from the body. Together with water and lymph, slags and toxins are also released. The thermo-effect created during the wrapping perfectly copes with swelling, improves skin tone, normalizes microcirculation of blood and lymph. This is due to potassium, iodine, sodium, magnesium, calcium and other elements that make up the salt. Beneficially this procedure affects the skin, it is cleansed and saturated with mineral substances, and natural oils nourish and moisturize it.