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    Buckwheat massage

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    time-icon90 min - 800 uah

    Buckwheat (Old Slavonic) massage is known for a long time. This massage uses pre-heated buckwheat, which is poured into linen bags (used once). The aroma of buckwheat is the aroma of warmth and home. Everyone remembers the pleasant smell of buckwheat since childhood, so soft heat, combined with a specific therapy of purely Slavic origin, corrects the emotional background of a person.

    This massage is useful in the development of osteochondrosis and after intense physical exertion. Possessing an anesthetic effect, buckwheat is able to reduce and even sometimes completely relieve pain in muscles and joints. Applying bags of cereal to the front surface of the body – for certain projections, points and zones, you can treat violations of the intestine and bile ducts, fight with constipation, remove residual effects after pneumonia, when there are problems in the upper lobes of the lungs. In addition, it is an excellent procedure for smokers, because it has an expectorant effect.

    Massage buckwheat bags positively affects the skin, which after that becomes smooth and velvety. In addition, buckwheat massage is used in anti-cellulite programs. Outgoing from warm buckwheat, moderate heat allows capillaries to be filled with blood, and thus improves local microcirculation.

    Buckwheat massage is best done by the course, as one procedure will not give sufficient effect. In this case, massage is performed every other day for an average of ten sessions. But since the effect of the procedure is sufficiently pronounced, a shorter course consisting of seven sessions can be considered.

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