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Detox Spa

Detox and body peeling in one procedure. Massage with natural oils and fine Italian salt is a unique combination of skin peeling and lymphatic drainage effect. With… Читать полностью

Anti-cellulite wrap STYX

Skin cleaning with peeling and applying oil to prepare for the procedure application of a gel to strengthen and treat veins and capillaries (if necessary, to problem… Читать полностью

SPA Strawberry yogurt

body scrubbing with mineralizing elements relax massage of the whole body yoghurt wrap with strawberry applying yoghurt mask with strawberries on face tea drinking, rest

SPA Marine energy

delicate body peeling papaya & passion fruit Dead sea mud wrap for 30 minutes (in a thermal blanket) anti-stress massage with aromatic oil 60 minutes tea drinking,… Читать полностью

SPA Grape chiс

grape peeling antistress massage with grape seed oil grape wrapping Indian face and head massage tea drinking, rest in the spa-area

Weekend SPA for moms

peeling with a soft Thermal Gommage with thermal oligoelements and plant microgranules relax massage on hypoallergenic oil 60 min Honey-milk wrap or wrap with warm chocolate (on… Читать полностью

Coconut SPA

Thermal Gommage Scrub with Thermal Oligoelements and Vegetable Microgranules massage with natural organic coconut oil coconut oil wrap Indian face and head massage during wrapping tea drinking,… Читать полностью

SPA Chocolate and citrus jazz

orange salt peeling massage on fragrant orange oil wrapping with warm natural chocolate tea drinking and rest