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Turkish Hamam

time-icon150 min with massage - 2200 uah
time-icon90 min without massage - 1750 uah
time-icon40-42 ℃

Berber Hammam

time-icon165 min with masage - 2400 uah
time-icon105 min without massage - 1900 uah
time-icon38 ℃

VIP Moroccan Hammam

time-icon195 min - 3300 uah
time-icon38 ℃

Coconut Hamam

time-icon135 min - 2200 uah
time-icon40 ℃


time-icon135 min - 2200 uah
time-icon40-42 ℃

Sultan’s wife . Hamam for women

time-icon210 min - 3500 uah
time-icon38 ℃

Chocolate Hammam

time-icon135 min - 2200 uah
time-icon40 ℃

Dreams of the Sultan. Hamam for men

time-icon180 min - 3300 uah
time-icon40-42 ℃

STANDART Steaming in Hamam and peeling

time-icon60 min - 1300 uah
time-icon38-40 ℃

SPA for two person

time-icon195 min - 4800 uah for two person

SPA-hen party for 3-4 people in Hammam

time-iconfor three 120 min - 4500 uah
time-iconfor four 120 min - 6000 uah
time-icon38-40 ℃

Hamam sauna at the spa

The Hammam Oriental Bath is an invention that is rooted in the history of Ancient Rome and Turkey. The bath is not hot, it does not have hot, dry air, as happens in Finnish baths, and there is no burning steam, which Russian baths are famous for. Such saunas are easy to breathe, and luxurious apartments deliver an indescribable aesthetic pleasure from the reception. The hammam was very popular among the noble Romans – today, most of the inhabitants of Kiev can afford such a pleasure. As a rule, the temperature in such baths does not exceed 45 degrees Celsius, while the humidity is absolute. Thanks to this, not only strong healthy people can visit the Hamam Kiev sauna, but also visitors who can’t tolerate high temperatures.

Hamam bath with sauna is a real pleasure, refined and beautiful. In the process of washing, the body is cleansed of any impurities and fatigue, the mood rises, overall health improves. By the way, few people know what the word “buzz” in the Arabic language is popular today means exactly the bath room, where the visitor comes to relax after the bath.

Hamam in Kiev: Teremki

An incredibly pleasant procedure will bring great pleasure to all visitors – our experts will ideally carry out all the cosmetology procedures included in the list. Despite the fact that there are a lot of various saunas and baths around, the Hammam on the Teremki is still in demand and popular among customers. Our salon really has a lot of advantages:

  1. Experienced professionals. Visiting baths, saunas, hammams in the Teremki SPA salon, the client can be sure that the professional staff are engaged in the procedures, whose experience is sufficient for the perfect knowledge of all the secrets of the bath. In addition to professionalism, bathhouse workers are always friendly and sociable – they will be only too happy to share useful information with visitors, making a trip to the bathhouse fascinating and interesting.
  2. Luxury apartments. The Kiev hammam sauna on Teremki is built in the best traditions of the East: warm tables made of natural marble, luxurious tiles on the walls, a refined atmosphere in the room. Here you can feel like a sultan or queen, enjoying the beauty of the room and relaxing in the most delicate oils.
  3. The cost of visiting a magical Turkish bath, of course, is fully consistent with the quality of service. Each guest can order a sauna, the price of which will be most acceptable. On our website, prices are presented for each type of Hammam, for women and men. In our salon Hammam bath – price and quality in an ideal ratio!
  4. Modern equipment. Our salon always uses equipment purchased from well-known manufacturers. Thanks to this, the result of the procedures is felt even after a single visit to the Hammam in Kiev.
  5. Optimal location in the city. Our exotic bath Kiev Teremki is located near a traffic intersection, nearby there is a parking for cars. We made sure that our customers could visit the Hammam at VDNH with maximum convenience.

Hammam Kiev: prices and reviews

The effect of the Turkish bath is really amazing – it not only allows you to get great aesthetic pleasure and relax, but also brings a lot of benefits for beauty and cleanliness of the body:

  1. Cleanses the skin. The bath perfectly moisturizes dry skin, restores its purity of color, firmness and elasticity.
  2. This is not a fiction or a public relations move: when you visit a bathhouse, all toxins and toxins are removed from the body, metabolic processes in the body intensify – due to all of the above, aging processes are stopped.
  3. Improves blood circulation. Soft steam in Turkish baths contributes to the expansion of blood vessels, enhances the outflow of blood from internal organs.
  4. Heals the body. If you suffer from bronchitis, colds, or other viral diseases, a visit to the Hammam will help you instantly forget about the disease. Steaming the body and the warmth of natural marble increase immunity and remove the disease from the body.
  5. Strengthens the joints.
  6. It has a positive effect on the nervous system. All procedures in our bathhouse contribute to complete relaxation in a calm and quiet environment. Relaxing in the bath, you can feel complete peace, cope with nervous tension and stress, get rid of neurosis and insomnia.

The list can be continued for a long time – the benefits of a bath with Hamam are confirmed by centuries of bathing and thousands of customers rushing to the salon to relax after a working day or a stressful situation. Hurry up to visit our club: baths, saunas, Hamam – and, leaving it, you will feel like a completely different person, full of strength, confidence and inspiration!