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Anti-aging care 45 + for fading skin HLS-Bio Complex

Compensates for all the negative effects of hormone deficiency that appears on the skin, restores cells and renews skin tissues in an absolutely physiological way. Action HLS-Bio:… Читать полностью

Express care Royal jelly with stimulating massage (M.MAGI)

Ampouled Royal Jelly concentrate stimulates enzymatic reactions, makes the skin moisturized, elastic and elastic. It has a pronounced lifting activity, protects and restores the hydro-lipid mantle, is… Читать полностью

Sculptural facial chiromassage

Exclusive sculptural chiromassage, modeling the face oval, an effective procedure, the result is immediately felt. After a course of 10-15 procedures of visible rejuvenation, comparable to a… Читать полностью

Anti-aging Wrinkle formula for the face, neck and decollete Histomer

A comprehensive strategy to prevent the formation of facial wrinkles and  marked reduction in the already existing physiological pathways. Multiactive anti-wrinkle formula: Revitalization of the intercellular matrix… Читать полностью

Peeling Americanno

— for dry, dehydrated, sensitive and combination skin. — for skin with acne and age spots. — for mature and atonic skin. Two-phase acid-enzyme peeling: the first… Читать полностью

Toning lifting system «Shilly-Shally» for face, neck and decollete.

The program is designed to stimulate the regeneration processes in the deep layers of connective tissue in order to restore the synthesis of collagen and elastin. A… Читать полностью

Luxury Gold

Currently, cosmetology uses gold, which performs several functions at once. It has not only a bactericidal effect, but also significantly increases the ability of the skin to… Читать полностью

Aqua Relax

Program for deep moisturizing of the face, neck and decollete skin. From the effects of sunlight and weather conditions, the polluted environment  our skin is so lacking… Читать полностью


Carboxytherapy is a unique technique for restoring intracellular respiration of the skin! It is a non-injection transdermal injection under the skin of carbon dioxide. The skin is… Читать полностью

Combined face cleaning (manual + ultrasonic cleaning)

It is a combined cleaning: manual and ultrasonic. This is one of the most effective and at the same time sparing procedures aimed to cleanse the skin… Читать полностью