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Spa salon in Kiev Miracle Spa

In  modern life, the negative impact of the environment on  a person is too great. Physical and psychological health,  for us — is an absolute value, and  the achievement of the harmony of body and  spirit  — is the main task of our SPA-salon.


Visiting our Spa salon is a long-term investment in your health and quality of life.

Miracle SPA is a Spa salon in Kiev, which is comfortably located in the new young, under construction area of ​​Zhulyany, away from the noisy center and bustle. The favorable atmosphere of the Spa club at VDNKh with quiet chillout music, a pleasant smell of scented candles, dim warm light and a blue aquarium with chaotically floating fish, corresponds to all the concepts of a modern Spa of a beauty salon. In our spacious Spa salon on Vasylkivska, we offer a range of procedures, surrounded by peace and tranquility, where you can find the long-awaited harmony of body, mind and soul. The interior of the Kiev Spa Club is designed in warm pastel colors, which create an ideal atmosphere for rest and relaxation. Here you will find a variety of Spa programs, massages – from relaxing to deeply revitalizing, various rituals in the Hammam, and for those who like to pamper themselves with cosmetology services. Plunge into the atmosphere of relaxation, serenity and positive energy, trust our experienced specialists and then you will understand that visiting our Spa salon is a long-term investment in your health and quality of life.


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Шевченко Александра Юрьевна
Лошакова-Багериян Наталья Борисовна
Кучерявая Наталья Михайловна

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Spa salon in Kiev Miracle Spa

Every event in life depends on the right attitude. Every thought creates the future, putting all the nuances on the shelves. The mood is not always sunny and cloudless, every little thing influences it. Taking care of the physical body is recorded in our mental memory. And it is displayed on physical activity, as well as on the appearance of a person. Successful people know how to alternate between work and play. You cannot sit at the workplace for days, because the productivity of work after four hours of continuous work will inevitably decrease. A change of activity and, especially, a trip to the Spa and a good rest is the key to the success of your business.

You follow your own happiness when you start doing things that make you feel really good every day. Maybe you will just sit on a park bench or garden, relaxing and crossing your legs. Or maybe buy a cup of your favorite coffee and, instead of having a quick drink, sit down and just watch the world rush by. It doesn’t matter how insignificant or small the action seems; make sure you do something every day that matches your idea of ​​bliss.

And before you know it, you will be inspired by other joyful activities that you can do; and, starting with one simple act, you will soon grasp the thread that will lead you to your dreams and to a fantastic life. We will be very happy to present that blissful state and recharge of strength and inspiration that every person periodically appears. Give yourself more pleasant emotions and sensations. And let your leisure time be unforgettable!

SPA salon Miracle Spa. Why go to the Spa?

Such a question may arise only for those who have never visited our institution. But those who have visited us at least once already clearly know why they should come here again and again. But we will not languish for a long time, and we will tell you about all the delights of such a pastime, although, to be honest, no words and detailed descriptions can convey the gamut of feelings and emotions that overwhelm the visitors of Kiev Spas.

So, why many people love SPA: A visit to the Miracle Spa salon in Kiev will allow you to dramatically change the situation, gain strength, improve your mood and cheer up. Isn’t that what the majority lacks ?!

Improved mood. Everyone wants relaxation and emotional rest. And our good SPA-salon has all the conditions for this. Moreover, our attentive staff will envelop you with attention and care, because our main goal is your rest.

Better health. In our daily race, we increasingly turn a blind eye to body alarms. We just don’t pay attention to ourselves. Meanwhile, by visiting the elite Spa at VDNKh for just a few hours, you can greatly improve your own well-being.

Improving body condition. The state of our body is important for any person who takes care of themselves. And our best spa is perfect for keeping fit.

In just a few hours being with us, your body will become more elastic, your skin silky and moisturized, and your hair will shine … All this will allow you to transform and add gloss to your body.

Pleasant relaxation. It is no secret that in their daily life, few people manage to boast that they have time for themselves – for relaxation, relaxation and meditation. And sometimes you just want to be alone with yourself, get into your soul and understand yourself. And the spa procedures in Kiev are aimed at this. Having tried the services of the Spa salon, you will finally be able to completely relax and recognize your true Self.

The opportunity to enjoy the tranquility. There is nothing in our salon that can distract you from your rest. And, on the contrary, our Spa salon Kiev has all the conditions for relaxation: pleasant music and sounds of nature, soft lighting, pleasant procedures, pleasant, friendly staff … Nothing will bother you here.


Why is our Miracle Spa recognized as the best in the whole city of Kiev?

Of course, finding Spa salons is no longer a rarity. And despite the fact that not everyone can boast of having visited such an institution, everyone has heard about the services of the Spa salon on Teremki. And, yes, there is a lot of competition in this area. But, despite all the development of the Spa industry, our salon always has something to surprise its customers with:

  1. Service level. In our work, we take into account every little thing, because we perfectly understand that you come to us first of all for the mood. Because everything we do is absolutely at the top. With us, each client feels like the most dear and important guest!
  2. Situation. Needless to say, the interior of each room is tastefully executed – this is understandable and simply must be in an elite salon. But I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the interior of the Spa Club at VDNKh was created taking into account the peculiarities of perception, therefore every detail sets you up for rest and relaxation.
  3. The best equipment. We perform all manipulations and Spa programs in Kiev on the most modern and well-proven equipment, which allows us to achieve amazing results.
  4. The best masters. Each of our employees is not only a professional in their field, but also has a pleasant character. Therefore, after communicating with our masters, the mood always improves!
  5. Price. This is also an important aspect even for a premium class establishment, which is the Spa for women and men. And our salon Spa offers the most reasonable prices. You can easily verify this by reviewing the prices on the website or by calling us on the phone.

Convenient location. We also foresaw the convenience of clients coming to our Spa Club Teremki. It is for this reason that our salon is located in such a convenient location. It is for the same reason that the whole of Kiev can try our Spa services.

A more detailed description of the services is presented on the official website of the Spa salon – there you can see the full prices of the Spa salon, the time of each session and the specifics of the procedures. Customers who have visited our salon leave their comments in the “Comments” section, giving other people the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the features of the Spa care in the salon even before visiting it. The price list of the Miracle Spa salon is presented in the “Prices” section.

As you can see, there are many reasons for visiting our Spa Center. Therefore, you should not postpone your vacation “for later” – call and make an appointment now! A day at the Spa will be remembered for a long time! In addition, you can order a Spa salon for two, and enjoy the company of your loved one and pleasant
procedures for the selected time.
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